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Author : john jennings maori tattoo

absolutely amazing service would recommend to anyone,really comfortable environment, everything is clean and sterile as you would come to expect of a proffesional.  Axel is a top bloke and i will deffinately be returning for more ink :)

Author : harvey nantwich

gettin a koi carp on me leg outline today back soon for colour cant wait to get it finished nice 1 so far chupa chup lollys rule

Author : joe sandbach

tribal turned out superb cheers ax

Author : steve s.o.t

what a tatt dead chuffed outlined me dragon back soon for colour(nice brew after aswell)

Author : sue middlewich

nice guy great tat great service ( clean )

Author : katie (crewe)

brilliant job, really good outcome and excellent service, I was really impresses with all the equipment and hygiene, went away a very happy customer(:

Author : Holly Davies

So pleased about the finished result! had a great laugh during the session and cannot wait to be a regular customer. Thanks Axel!! :) PS, the cake was great lol

Author : Emma (Crewe)

Mirrors Edge-
Axel is a brill guy, v friendly, did an amazing job both with a re work and with add on.
Would reccomend to anyone.
Thank you for your time and your attention to detail. :)

Author : phillip desert eagle pistol (crewe)

yeah great , cool studio enjoyed the whole experience and got a great pistol tattoo black and grey, can`t wait for my next one

Author : gary crewe

Got a brill tiger on my arm cheers

Author : waine crewe

Yo  you will have to go a long way to get a koi like mine unless you go ww ink i love it thanks

Author : ash crewe

Wow i having a full backpiece samuri and tiger outline and some shading done at the moment , its gonna take time but hey" im lovin it" great set up

Author : jenny s-o-t

Went to ww ink to get my sons name and some swirly things turned out great 

Author : ELLIE W

Getting a half sleeve NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS theme can`t wait for it to be finishedlooks really cool

Author : colin preston brook

Getting myself an upper arm and back piece done freehand lovin whats been done so far NICE ONE axel